Our Partnership with John Stallone

My good longtime friend, hunting advocate and sportsman.
John has degrees in Wildlife Management, is an author of several hunting books, and successfully harvested 10 of the 29 big game species of north America

Web Shows

The Hunting Channel Online

John Stallone's online presence is that they air their show on the oldest most well-know online TV network "The Hunting Channel Online". THC has been doing Web TV since 2004 and has endured through all the copycat, wanna-be sites that have come along and THC is still running strong. With over 6,800 paid memberships, 52,000+ video views/month, you can rest assured your company will reach it's target audience.

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Days In The Wild

Join us each week, as we travel abou the country hunting just about any legal game we can put a stalk on.

One of the most impoortant aspects of our show is that it delves into more of the 'how to's' of hunting more of what the everyday hunter needs. We wanted to have a show that helped hunters answer those questions we had when we first stated going out into the field.

So we developed a show that helps steer hunters the right direction with the right products, the right knowledge, and the confidence to be be successful. All while keeping a hard hitting, very entertaining show to captivate viewers each week.

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The Whitetail Hunter's Blueprint by John Stallone

The Secrets of Hunting Western Game by John Stallone

MelinHead Customs Projects

    John Stallone
  • I wouldn’t trust my equipment to anyone else…Darin’s meticulous attention to detail and customer service far exceeds any other I have ever used.

    John Stallone
    Days in the Wild