Our Partnership with Zac Griffith

Zac Griffith is a premier hunter, sportsman, and outdoor video producer. Zac is the Managing Editor of Muley Crazy Magazine, and is national Pro-Staff for many sporting and hunting products. I have had the pleasure of working with Zac to provide him with painting several of his ASAT bows.

Production Company

Summit Productions

Zac graduated from Utah State University with a BA in Broadcast Journalism. His video and editing experience there inspired him to transition his talents to the outdoors. As a photojournalist and dedicated hunter, Zac attempts to tell a story of each hunt through video. Always striving to capture more than just the kill—but telling the whole story, before and after the kill. If there is a tag available to the public in North America Zac has applied for it! He is absolutely obsessed with fitness and pushing his abilities in new terrain.

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Magazine Publications

Muley Crazy Managing Editor

MuleyCrazy was founded in 1992 by Ryan Hatch in Kanab, Utah. As a die-hard mule deer hunter and very successful guide, he began producing the best-selling MuleyCrazy Video Series, which now includes 10 videos featuring some of the largest bucks ever filmed.

To satisfy the huge public demand to see more giant muleys, Ryan and his wife, Alicia, started MuleyCrazy Magazine in 2002. Since then, distribution has grown immensely, with subscribers all over the United States, as well as Mexico and Canada.

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MelinHead Customs Projects

    Zac GriffithZac Griffith
  • There isn't a custom finish on earth that will come out any cleaner and cooler than one of Darin's pieces. The guy is an artist and his attention to detail is unreal! Thanks MelinHead Customs!

    Zac Griffith
    Summit Productions
  • Darin is a perfectionist and the ONLY artist I could trust with my Mathews Safari.  The bow is intricately machined and needed a custom finish that is both durable and works to accent the bow itself.  To say Darin exceeded my expectations is an understatement.

    Zac Griffith
    Summit Productions